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Book cover by Hiller Goodspeed.

Laser Quit Smoking Massage

A collection of essays that I think you might like. This is how my publisher describes the book.

From prairie towns to sprawling cities, Laser Quit Smoking Massage revels in the peculiarities of the Canadian West. A unique and exciting new voice in Canadian literature, Cole Nowicki’s witty, insightful, and ever-curious reportage explores the evolving states of community, family, and belonging.

And here’s what Carleigh Baker, award-winning author of Bad Endings, said about the thing.

“Urban poodle art, corpse flowers, and Craigslist’s enduring humanity. These are the things that keep Cole Nowicki up at night. With warmth and wisdom to spare, Nowicki takes readers through a mix of imaginative and deeply entertaining topics. This is not just an essay collection, it’s a guidebook of curiosities and family histories usually reserved for locals. Laser Quit Smoking Massage is a lozenge of literary absurdity that might just as soon sell you a watch as blow your mind.”


Photo via The Palomino.

Right, Down + Circle

I wrote a book about the history and cultural impact of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game franchise. I think you might like this one, too. Here’s what Michael Christie, Giller Prize-nominated author of the novels Greenwood and If I Fall, If I Die, had to say about the thing.

“With incisive and heartfelt writing, Cole Nowicki unlocks the source code of the massively influential cultural phenomenon that is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and finds wonderful Easter-eggs of meaning within. Even non-skaters will be wowed by this examination of youth, community, risk, and authenticity and gain a new appreciation of skateboarding’s massive influence upon our larger culture. This is my new favorite book about skateboarding, which isn’t really about skateboarding — it’s about everything.”


A video version of the old burying ground (★★★★★)” for Peach Mag.

My work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Walrus, Catapult, Vice, Maisonneuve, The Outline, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Joyland, THIS Magazine, subTerrain Magazine, PRISM, Feathertale, InvisiblogGeist, SAD Mag, Peach Mag, Funicular Magazine, Bad Nudes, Echolocation, and elsewhere.

I’ve covered skateboarding for outlets like King Skate Mag (where I was a columnist and contributor for close to a decade), SBC Magazine, Quartersnacks, Vice, Neighbourhood Skate Mag, Thrasher Magazine (forthcoming), and Closer Magazine (forthcoming).


Simple Magic is a weekly newsletter about skateboarding, the internet, and other means of escape. It comes out every Friday. I also publish monthly long-form essays that take a deep dive into everything from the lives of today’s top professionals, the flattening effect of social media on skate culture, to an investigation into the origins of a bizarre series of bootleg skateboards.


Post Radical – Vice
I worked as a writer and researcher on the acclaimed documentary series, which explores obscure skateboarding subcultures from around the world.

My jobs included writing the voice of the narrator and finding the subjects we showcased — from a Taekwondo/skateboarding instructor in Ethiopia to a group of intensely passionate individuals who turned a small Bavarian village into the world hub of fingerboarding.


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February 2022 – Present

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Freelance copywriter
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Adidas Skateboarding
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