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Film & Television

Post Radical
A documentary series for the VICELAND television network.

I worked as a writer and researcher on the acclaimed series, which explores obscure skateboarding subcultures from all over the world. My jobs included writing the voice of the narrator and finding the subjects we showcased—from a Taekwondo/skateboarding instructor in Ethiopia, an organization in Palestine using skateboarding to break down societal barriers, to a group of intensely passionate individuals who have turned a small Bavarian village into the world hub of fingerboarding.

Children of the Columbia
A short skiing film from the award-winning Sherpas Cinema.
I did research and extensive archival footage sourcing for the project.


illustration by Hiller Goodspeed

(contributing writer since 2018 –
essays and profiles)
On Lasers and The Mortality of Parents
My Personal Medium, Brian Eno
On Ear Intruders & Insect Love

On Trolling in The Name of Art
Meet The Dark Lord of Vancouver Karaoke
In Defence of Olympic Skateboarding

The Outline
Non-fiction: The Last Wholesome Corner of The Internet

Maisonneuve, Issue 73

Non-fiction: The Search for Ziggy Nowicki

Feathertale, Issue 22
Fiction: Good Person

Non-Fiction: At The Rodeo, At The Fair

Bad Nudes, Issue 3:3
Fiction: A Straight, Horizontal Line

PRISM international, Summer 2017 / 55:4
Non-Fiction: Pride & Plockwurst

subTerrain Magazine, #72
Non-Fiction: Buddy

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
Fiction: Comments on Jeff The Amazing Hypnotist’s YouTube Video Channel

Echolocation, #8
Fiction: In Flight

Agony Klub, Issue #2
Non-Fiction: Courtesy Hold

As.Iz, Issue #2
Fiction: How to Forget: 10 Simple Steps to Disremembering Past Lovers, Friends, Family, and Otherwise Pretty Shitty People or Experiences

(Contributing writer since 2013 – selected pieces)
Profile: Colin Mochrie
Profile: Aaron Read

King Skateboard Magazine
(Contributing writer since 2013 – selected pieces)
Essay: The Everlasting Elissa Steamer
Essay: The Arrival of Andy Anderson
Essay: Todd Falcon is Dead (and We Killed Him)
Essay: An Ode to The Full-Length Skateboard Video


photo: Amanda Siebert, The Georgia Straight

Vancouver Art Gallery
As the Graphics Production Manager, I was responsible for the production of generally any graphics related necessities the gallery needed, from labels to large scale murals. I managed everything from file setup to print and installation, making sure we met all of the necessary deadlines for major exhibitions.


Folk Custom Skateboards
Graphic / Web Design

Burrard Arts Foundation
Poster Design Template



"I came here to look at the trees," a 36" x 36" foam core print, 2018
Mixed Gems
Group Art Show
March 28, 2018

Vancouver Art Book Fair – Art Hustle
Group Art Show/Auction
September 29th, 2017

Group Art Show
September 8th, 2016 



Freelance copywriter: creating content, ad copy across various mediums, campaign concepts, and more.
June 2019 – Present

Copywriter: working on everything from B2B marketing and email campaigns, bloggin’, and creating inbound content.
Dec 2018 – April 2019

Freelance copy & content writing

Adidas Skateboarding
Copy and content writing, message development, and promotion across all social channels.
2015 – 2016

Jenning’s Hospitality and Culture
Copy and content writing, message development and promotion across all social channels for nine separate Jenning’s establishments.
2014 – 2017